Alqarzawi annuls Caliphate version of ISIS

Syria Crisis

Salaar Sulaman

Islamic intellectuals from several parts of world refuse to acknowledge ISIS, the extremist militant using Islamic umbrella to establish their own version of caliphate, and refused to distinguish their style of caliphate. No one is allowed to found their version of caliphate state with armed and torture movement. Renowned scholar of Islam around the globe, belongs to every school of thought, has declared ISIS’s caliphate non-Islamic and against the shariyah law.

Dr. Yousaf al-Karwazi, head of International Union of Muslim Scholars, declared caliphate establishment by ISIS as null and void. The union also warned of serious consequences of the declaration both in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS recently got fame when they controlled few cities of Iraq and announced their caliphate. Before that they were just combatants in Iraq but the way they were fighting shows that they are no different than Pakistani Taliban. ISIS is controlling Fallujah, an Iraqi city for five months and now they have also took control of Mosul, another Iraqi city, from the government of Iraq. They are also fighting in other cities of Iraq to take the control and also they are fighting against Syrian forces of al-Asad inside Syria.

ISIS is led by Abbu Bakar Albaghdadi. No one knows how educated, religiously and temporal he is. ISIS backed with thousands of commando, gorilla, and armed fighters, Ready to die on call of their leader any time. Reports told that they have also suicide bombers under their tree. Reports also revealed that many westerners are joining the groups and many already have joined.

New York based consultancy group, Soufan, declared that estimated 12,000 foreign fighters have traveled to Syria to join ISIS including 3000 from the western countries. It is also said by another consultancy that around 80% of fighters fighting in Syria has joined the group. On the other hand extremist of ISIS has claimed that they have been joined by western fighter belonging to America, Britain, Germany and other European countries.

Scholars refuted ISIS’s arguments regarding their Islamic state by saying all the affairs of the state and religious political practice should be based on consultation (shura).The Union of Muslim Scholars also stated that earlier Muslim caliphates were appointed by shura after proper consultation and were not self-appointed. They also declared that ISIS is hijacking the Iraqi revolution in which Muslim from all strips were taking part. Scholars union said that they also wished for caliphate but not the way ISIS desire. They said they also want caliphate system in Islamic countries but that requires consensus among Muslims around the globe regarding its formation and content.

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  1. QAsim says:

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    I think Indian PM Modi is very smart man , Since He took office He is doing all technological stuff in India , LIke he launched satellite , He is visiting science institution and trying to strengthen them . While Our Pakistani PM is wasting time by making 2 KM fly over and 30 KM bus road . He dont understand the importance of Science in development
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  2. imran ali says:

    that is u.s and israel sponcerd caliphate

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