Maulvi Fazlullah’s aides killed in Kunar: Sources


Peshawar: One source – with active links on ground in Afghanistan – has told Saach.TV that a drone strike by NATO forces in Kunar killed two of Maulvi Fazullah’s close aides including his spokesman Juma Khan.

According to the source – whose identity is decided to be kept in anonymity until the final confirmation of the news – drone strike was carried out today (Friday) at 1200 hrs local time.

Source claimed that strike killed Fazlullah’s spokesman ‘Juma Khan’ and there were also few unconfirmed reports of his son being killed in the same strike.

Fazlullah, also known as Mullah Radio, was involved in cross-border attacks on Pakistan and was suspected of having organised the attack on young student activist Malala Yousufzai in Swat. Fazlullah is the wanted man by the government of Pakistan. Government has extended many requests and demands in the past to Afghan officials for arresting Fazlullah.

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One comment on “Maulvi Fazlullah’s aides killed in Kunar: Sources
  1. I don’t usually use bad word but this man is an asss hooole, may be dirtier that that. he should be torn into pieces by missile strikes

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