Court issues arrest warrants for Zaid Hamid, Mubashir Lucman


Karachi: Karachi court has issued the arrest warrant of  renowned journalist and ARY News and Current Affairs anchor Mubashir Lucman and defence analyst Zaid Hamid.

Additional Sessions Judge, Karachi South, Abdul Quddus Memon has ordered arrest warrants against Zaid Hamid and Mubashir Lucman for unleashing fabricated and misleading propaganda against Jang Group’s  ‘Aman Ki Asha’ and MKRF program ‘Zara Sochiye’.

Mubashir Lucman also confirms the news in his tweet on micro blogging website, Twitter.

“Karachi court issues arrest warrants for Zaid Hamid and Mubasher Lucman on a complaint filed by GEO TV,” he said.


The Geo Group in their complaint have pleaded that Zaid Hamid and Mubashir Luqman have levelled fabricated allegations without any evidence against them and its sole purpose was to dent the image of the organisation.

The court issuing the warrants for Zaid Hamid and Mubashir Luqman has summoned them on September 27.

Few weeks ago Mubashir Luqmana, in current affair program on ARY News conducted series of programs about anchors of Geo TV and their alleged corruption.

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8 comments on “Court issues arrest warrants for Zaid Hamid, Mubashir Lucman
  1. foolish people in Karachi courts

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  2. tayyaba rana says:

    good. both should b punished. jokers

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  3. Peace says:

    Bloody judicial system of Pakistan and coward judges.
    They are so sacred that they dare to punish any terrorist because they are afraid of their own lives.
    How many terrorists caught were convicted and sentence to death? The answer is none

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  4. Majad says:

    Yo u all pakistan can’t handle the truth lucman and hamid are trying to wake you morally dead people why don’t you dumb qoum understand how people whom lucman and hamid are exposing continuously keep screwing you stupid people you pakishatanis will never wake up or better your self

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    • Nav says:

      Agreed bro , the sold out media has washed out their hearts and minds completely .. The amount of destruction not just economically but also moral corruption is lead by the mainstream media , wonder so many countries including US and India and paying this bikao media of pak.. They have no morality, should learn a lesson from India the would never defame their own army never go againy their defense strategies , but our bikao people are ready to be sold …

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      • Nav says:

        If a person like mubashar or zaid hamid Speke some truth , the entire corrupt media will start a campaign to defame. Why not mention hamid mir najam sethi and others traitors who are with evidence selling out their souls to foreign agencies and destroying pak image inside and outside. Geo is a traitor and many other channels are also involved in this on purpose to corrupt ops mind away from real problems and issues to just fashion songs music in the name of entertainment . As well as giving false news and cover foreign agendas… Death to Geo and all anti pak elements . I pray this nations wakes up .

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  5. Sana says:

    All u who think ifi chawdry is a just man are mistaken remember. His sons case chawdry wouldn’t know justice even if it hits him in the face do u think he is not bent

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  6. Masood says:

    Supreme Court or other courts in Pakistan do not settle matters. They just keep on dragging proceeding by giving new dates for prosecution or defence..

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