Former PM Gilani’s son kidnapped


Multan: Former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s son Ali Haider Gilani has been kidnapped in Multan during firing incident at corner meeting.

According to the details, Ali Haider Gilani’s secretary Mohiuddin was killed while five other people  injured in a firing incident. The incident took place when Ali Haider Gilani was presiding a meeting when unknown gunmen abducted him.

He had no security guards along him.

The incident took place in PP-200 constituency.

After the kidnapping, Gilani’s sons, Ali Musa and Abdul Qadir were seen to be angry and in tears.

“I will not allow elections to be held in my constituency at any cost. My brother is gone, how can I let polls take place in Multan,” an emotional Ali Musa Gilani told television channels.

According to police, all entry and exit points for Multan were sealed and a massive search operation was underway to recover Ali Haider and apprehend those responsible.


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2 comments on “Former PM Gilani’s son kidnapped
  1. mazloom says:

    Gaddi nasheen hay masjid me bhetha hoga. or dowa mang raha hoga. surj ko dhalney me abhi der hay.

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  2. Farooq says:

    Do his father know how many people are kidnaped everyday in Pakistan. Are they not kids of some one? Who is responsible for their safety? This should not have happend but these things happen and our RULERS dont experience it thats why they dont work.

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