Javed Tarakai sentenced over dual nationality


Swabi: Former Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) Javed Khan Tarakai has been sentenced to one year in jail and fined Rs 5,000 by a district and sessions judge in a dual-nationality case, say media reports.

District session judge Tariq Yousuf Zai announced the verdict.

Javed Khan Tarakai had an allegation of being a Canadian citizen. He was not able to satisfied the court and therefore the decision went against him.

It is a time of scrutiny for all former members of the provincial and national assembly as the time for general elections comes closer.

It is pertinent to mention that Javed Khan Tarakai was elected as an independent candidate from Swabi’s constituency PF 32 and defeated Awami National Party’s (ANP’s) Ameer Rehman from same constituency.


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2 comments on “Javed Tarakai sentenced over dual nationality
  1. CodeBreaker says:

    Will some one dare to sentence Babar ghauri, Haider Abbas, Raza haroon, Ishrat ul Ibaad? Will some one recover all the incentives and allownces and wages and development from these traitors which they took in 5 years with false documentation?

    How about rehman malik and rest of 20 MNA’s and MPA’s?

    Either sentence all of them or leave the all of them and same case in fake degree holders..

    Who is going to sentence Ch Nisar and sheikh waqas akram and rest of around 200 politicians?

    Once all of these politicians gets sentence then next time ECP should implement a rule that anyone who has been in prison can not contest in any election.. Simple as that !!

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  2. Naveed says:

    Dual nationality does not mean disloyalty. Dual nationals from China, India, South Korea have acted as a bridge for trade and cultural exchange between the West and their countries of birth.I suggest, that political offices in Pakistan should be tied to the “residency” status for those who were born in Pakistan.
    If someone has a UK passport, but he/she is living in Pakistan for say 5 years (or whatever limit there is), have not committed a crime, worked with an employer, or ran a business, and paid taxes, then he should not be barred from taking part in the country’s politics.

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