An Open Letter to Mr. Javed Chaudhary

Sarim Rashid

Sarim Rashid

Mr. Javed Chaudhary is a famous journalist and anchor person who has been doing his Kal Tak on Express Tv and writing his column Zero Point. I have been a great reader and listener to him both on papers and tv. But for past months some of his comments and analysis have made me upset and I thought about writing to him, I hope he reads it.

A couple of months back, Imran Khan Chairman PTI, said in his address that coming general elections of Pakistan are like the Battle Of Badr to him and the same night Mr. Javed Chaudhary said that keep the life of Prophet(PBUH) out of this. He quoted many other examples like the Bhurbhan Deal, NRO and telling that other politicians compare it with The Medina Treaty or the Hudaibia treaty done by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). When we read Quran, it tells us that in life of Prophet (PBUH) you have best example, then why cannot we follow him and take examples from his life? The battle of Badar was between the powerful people of Mecca with all their horses, weaponry (which Imran referred to as the status quo) and the Muslims side was weak with not such material support but they had firm belief in Allah. I want to assure Mr. Javed Chaudhary that most of us youth are fighting this battle for New Pakistan with this intention of Jihad to save Pakistan so yes, that example was totally in context.

After a month or so once again Mr. Javed Chaudhary surprised me when he was on a programme after the long march and sit-in of Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri ended and he said that “the politics of Imran Khan has died today”. This was a very strange comment by someone of that stature. How can the politics of 16 year struggling politician die because of not joining a show of one month entry into Pakistan? And what if Imran had announced to join it and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri who was already suspicious, announced the protest to end? So please, think before when you give analysis. People listen to you and they feel bad.

Then came the Metro Bus Project and Mr. Javed Chaudhary was like Shahbaz Sharif had reached moon. I have been seeing his status on facebook and he has been traveling all over the world. If he can tell me a worse planned metro than this Lahore one, then I will accept my mistake. Why on earth should a metro be made in a country where more than 3 million students are sitting outside schools, where basic health facilities are not available in any Government Hospital all over Pakistan? The escalators go one way and how does these help people on wheelchairs? I hope, Mr. Javed Chaudhary has seen on his foreign visits that those countries use lifts, not these stairs. And a lot more about metro is already on TV. My point was just that before doing a programme on metro, kindly visit Mayo Hospital and the project of Surgical Tower by Pervaiz Elahi, which is on stand still just because Mr. Shahbaz don’t want anyone else to take credit of it. And same happened with the Institute of Cardiology in Wazirabad. Mr. Khadim e Aala when asked about Wazirabad, told that one can travel to Lahore in 2 hours. I wish CM was a doctor and he knew that heart patients may not survive for 2 hours.

Lastly, in a recent interview with Imran Khan, he was told By Imran that education would be our priority and some other important points were also discussed. The way he was just asking about Sindh seats again and again was also quite strange. But Mr. Chaudhary ended programme and the most important point he found in all interview was that Army can be called in Balochistan. Just an advice for all the anchors that try talking to other status-quo leaders like you talk to Imran and you will see the result.

I want to end with this that I respect Mr. Javed Chaudhry and learn a lot from his programs , the stories he tell and all the perfection standards he keeps on telling. Kindly when you give your analysis then try to be a bit unbiased and don’t reflect your hatred or love towards anyone at least when you are doing the show. I hope you read it.


Dr. Sarim Rashid Gill

(Twitter: @sarimrashid)

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8 comments on “An Open Letter to Mr. Javed Chaudhary
  1. Munawar Hussain Chaudhary says:

    Nicely written Mr. Sarim Rashid….. I just want to point out and hope you will not mind that wherever as Letter is written to someone we usually use words “You or your” means the letter is always addressed to the recipient but in above you have specified the Words “He or His”. Rest is ok…..

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  2. imo says:

    goodie piece but lemme ask you one thing , how does this jihad applies only on punjab and on shahbaz sharif ? pti is all about criticism on pml N .So its good if you get the bounce back .imran says this govt is this and that and blah blah ,why the fk he couldnt get rid off this govt ?? mukk mukaa ? no . Same way ,pml N showed mature face and thus pakistan is on the way of democracy .I am sure if pti wins in next election ,pml N will support them for 5 years .Cuz in 5 years if bad things occur ,ppl will do the justice at large ,but still good things happen too .Lets build and hope for a strong pakistan by bringing a strong federal govt.Which means pti does not exist in rural areas and which means they are only acting as a zardari’s B team .so leave it out please ! its been 15 years since we heard of a good news .last one was 28th may 1998.atomic explosions.lets have the strong economy,strong pakistan concept.lets have it prevailed .

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    • Sarim Rashid says:

      we have always criticised zardari too. pakistan ki sub sey berhi beemari, zardari is repeatedly said by imran. and he also said last night that he wont take oath from mr. zardari.

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  3. Muhammad Aabid says:

    Chak de phattey!

    well written! keeep it up……

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  4. mahmood ahmad says:

    sarim a great analysis

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  5. Tauseef says:

    Mr Sarim your insight into all the happenings is very deep. No doubt if we think neutrally’ we’ll agree with all what have written here. keep it up

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  6. Shakil Akhtar says:

    after what he did in that interview, being partial and attacking way, he lost my respect if i had any for javed chaudhary, its very obvious he is under PML N books, its shameful when a country’s journalists are partial and try to impose their rather than peoples views. I will never ever erad his article or watch his programme. IK should be wary of such people, never should have accepted his interview

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