PMLN most popular party: IRI survey


Islamabad: The International Republican Institute (IRI) has released its recent survey depicting increase in popularity of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PMLN) and decline in popularity of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI).

PMLN has 32% popularity (4% increase in 4 months), PTI has 18% popularity (6% decrease) and PPP has remained on 14% approval rate.

The survey was conducted in November, 2012.

Sample size of the survey is 4,997 (18 or above age) and margin of error stated is ±1.4 percent.

Province wise approval rate of different political parties is as follows:



Jul-Aug, 2012

Nov, 2012

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) 43% 49%
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf 27% 19%
Pakistan Peoples Party 7% 8%
Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) 2% 3%



Jul-Aug, 2012

Nov, 2012

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) 6% 8%
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf 13% 9%
Pakistan Peoples Party 39% 32%
Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) 3% 1%
Muttahida Qaumi Movement 11% 16%



Jul-Aug, 2012

Nov, 2012

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) 8% 13%
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf 26% 17%
Pakistan Peoples Party 5% 18%
Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) 3% 5%
Jamiat-i-Ulema Islam (Fazl) 4% 8%

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

Party Jul-Aug, 2012

Nov, 2012

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) 9% 12%
Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf 30% 32%
Pakistan Peoples Party 5% 5%
Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) 1% 0%
Jamiat-i-Ulema Islam (Fazl) 2% 5%
Awami National Party 1% 3%

People were also asked about the single most important issue facing Pakistan. 32% called inflation the most important issue while 20% went for unemployment and 13% went electricity and water.


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7 comments on “PMLN most popular party: IRI survey
  1. M. Ehsan says:

    O yes sher saara aata khaa gya

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  2. amir says:

    Bogus news. No results were released onlt the methodology.

    See 4 urself…..

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  3. Reader says:

    Kamran Shahid is promoting this in this tv show, although it has nothing to do with this topic of the show. Yellow journalism.

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  4. Majid says:

    These surveys are meaningless and manipulated because they are conducted from a sample of almost 5000 respondents and 5000 respondents don’t necessarily reflect the views of 180 million people or 81 million registered voters for that matter. 5000 respondents may not even reflect the view of one district as the average district size of Pakistan is over 1 million in terms of Population and there are over 100,000 registered voters averagely in each district. Such surveys are often conducted and these are without any result for a country like Pakistan. Election results will decide the final outcome.

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  5. ASIF says:

    Jealous PTI Fans..lolzz

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  6. Asima says:

    People are leaving PML-N. They have read what is written on Rosetta stone. PPP is the only secular party that is going to secure the fate of the country. PML-N has scattered and reaching to its logical conclusion. PML-N failed to deliver in previous five years. The people like Bashir Malik are opportunists. Infact the disgruntled members are those who have failed to deliver and PPP refused to allot them tickets for the next election. PML-N is still a hope for the Pakistan who brought a liberal image of Pakistan in the world.

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  7. Abulfazal Mahmud says:

    These surveys cannot be relied upon. With the best of intentions, they can slip upon selection of the “population” from which samples are taken, size of the sample and finally, the interpretation of results.
    PML(N) despite its successes in the past is still far from being a party of the people. It is a party of a dynasty as others are. It consists of feudal lords of various kinds (landed gentry as well as business magnates and some rich maulvis. It has links with terrorists with whom not only it has a natural affinity but also gets help in electoral contests. The last APC was nothing but a “Friends of the Taliban” get together. PTI is the worst in this respect. Imran Khan has risen on a wave of support from naive and emotional young urbanites but we shall regret his elevation to a provincial government. Imran Khan is the second naive one after Air Marshall Asghar Khan who was a first rate patriot as well as administrator but failed in practical politics. His stance on Taliban is dangerous and me do damage to the country that would not be repairable.

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