Bhutto, Imran Khan Aur Inqalab

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15 comments on “Bhutto, Imran Khan Aur Inqalab
  1. Nabeel Umar says:

    finally a nice column!!!! keep it up .. Imran Khan is fighting for Pakistan and not for himself, because he is an international hero (he is not like our current politician ) Imran Khan has got everything (much better than “kursi”, he does not need that , but we need him

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  2. Javed says:

    great job to explain the misconception and hope for a better future Insha ALLAH

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  3. AWAIZ says:

    Dear brothers and sisters, just to remind you all that in Karachi since 2008 almost six thousand humans have been killed, almost 500 innocent children have died just due to measles in three months, the situation of Quetta is horrible and there is corruption of 7 billion rupees per days, its enough, please KHUDA KA WASTA NOW give change a chance and change means IMRAN KHAN

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  4. Student says:

    Imran Khan is the only hope for Pakistan.

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  5. Rabia says:

    we muslims country are lowest in science and tec>>>

    what our leader Nawaz Sharif and Zardari did with one of muslim country u can read here…

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  6. Hina says:

    Phir Clean Sweep Ka Dawa kiu krta hai IK? Keh de naa k PM nhi banoogaa!!! Kiu PM k Liye mer rha hai ?

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  7. sumaira jamal says:

    bt ds is a fact k imran khan ny moqa ganva k youth k jazbat ko bht theas pohnchae.agrcha yh chal the bt i.khn ko is chal ko smjhana chahy tha vo leadr thy na k politication.leadr awam k jzbat ko smjh k un ke tarjmae karta hy. jo hova acha nae hova ab maze ke mstkes sy sabq sekh k next aisa koe step na lia jay.

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    • Leader is not a follower of the masses rather he GUIDES the masses … Think that one liner is enough to giv u food for thought

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    • Ahmed says:

      Sumaira Jamal…
      yeh chaal tou thi aur bohat zabar’dast chaal thi…
      iss k possible actions 2 he thay..
      1- long march mein shamil hona
      2- long march mein shamil na hona.
      aur nuqsaan dono he main thaa
      but kam nuksaan naa shamil ho k hona tha…
      and time is proving this fact…
      shamil ho jatay tou aap ki tou ideology he khatam ho jaati..
      Phir Qadri sahib woh leader hotay k jin ko aap ne follow kiya… aur ab Qadri sahib kyon k ship k captin hain, tou woh jahan chahain is ship ko lay jaatay…
      samajhnay wala point yeh hai k…
      cause theek hona aik aur baat hai, but oss cause k liye kaam karnay walay ki credibility bhi honi chahiye, jo k missing thi Qadri sahib k case mein…
      Kal ko agar Altaf hussain issi change ka naara laga k aap ko sarkon pe bulaata hai… tou tab bhi yeh cause tou theek he hoga… but kya Altaf Hussain ki credibility aap ko allow karay gi oss march mein shareek hona?
      but Imran ki aik history hai
      16 years ki strugle hai…
      woh aaj jis stance pe hai woh Musharaf k dour mein bhi ossi stance pe thaaa…
      war on terror se honay wala nuksan ko woh Musharaf k dourrr se he highlight kar raha tha..
      Pakistan k problems pe woh un k solutions k sath baat karta hai…
      the point is log zaroor Mayoos howay hain… but woh log jin ki observation thori kamm hai… so aesay mein agar samajh’daar log un logon ko guide karain aur samjhain tou they will come back… itna bhi koi problem nahi hai yaara…

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  8. usman says:


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  9. Reh says:

    Ek to mai SHAHEED kee definition nahee samjh saka… as per Islam jo ALLAH kee raah mai jaan dey woh SHAHEED hai… mager PAKISTAN mai jo MAAL, HAWAS aur HUKMARANI kee BHOOK mai mara jai woh SHAHEED hai…

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  10. m waqas says:

    inshallah IK will change the destiny of pakistan

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  11. Nikhat says:

    I like this article nd totally agree with the Allama Canadi part. Now rumors r Mushi is also planning to show himself before elections and Rehman MALIK WILL PROVIDE HIM SAME security as Qadri was given.

    Alla status quo force r again uniting to fight against the real change in Pakistan.

    Therefore I agree with the stand of IK taking part in Sit in to ensure free and fair elections and or real change in Pakistan. We r fighting for resurrection of Pakistan.

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  12. Iqbal says:

    IK and PTI seem to be their own worst enemies. It is extremely painful to witness as a well wisher of both IK and the PTI. The party does not seem to think things through. First, when the party had finally made it to the center stage after struggling on the sidelines for 16 years (as evidenced by the Lahore jalsa), it went ahead and embraced the very people it had relentlessly campaigned against, thereby destroying the very thing that had made it popular. PTI’s slogan of change no longer remains credible when you see IK surrounded by Qureshi, Hashmi, Qasuri, Shafqat, Sardar Asif Ali, and the lot.
    Then there are these ill-conceived marches that never seem to materialize. There are announcements and sloganeering but nothing actually ever happens.
    On top of all this, there’s IK’s flip-flopping on issue after issue. Take Qadri for example: now we are joining the march; now we are not. We agree with his ideas but disagree on his methods. But if the caretakers are not neutral we’ll launch a march of our own! Then this gem: we didn’t join him because there might have been bloodshed. So who’s going to guarantee there will be no bloodshed when tsunami march actually happens; if it does at all! The whole saga clearly displayed IK’s lack of political acumen and his utter inability to analyze political events and formulate political strategy.

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