Dehshat Gardi Ka Asal Challenge


Syed Talat Hussain

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4 comments on “Dehshat Gardi Ka Asal Challenge
  1. Rubab says:

    yes peacefull ashora with ‘only’ one bomb blast on the day of ashora and three before ashora..’nisbatan pur aman’, i really do not understand this analogy..

    It is responsibility of govt to make a strategy and plan, our govt, both provincial and central are wasting time in useless activities, and army is no different. Nobody really cares about life of a common man and what to talk about Rehman malik he is no more than a joker but the question is why is he on such a sensitive post? in sabh ko lataa kaun he? people of pakistan never voted for at least Rehman Malik…yahan sabh ka aik he haal he

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  2. elyas says:

    D.I.khan blast was a justification by malik, soon after the blast he take notice against mobile fone available service then after some time it was declared that reason was only mobile fone!! What yaar?

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  3. Muhammad Sadiq says:

    talat bahi durest likaha ap ny kry ga kune ?

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  4. mohammad ali says:

    i think pink panther style nation has not good food plan ek aaty ki bori men 20% bajra or 10% jaoo mila kar khilaan to kuch afaqa hojai,, ))))))))))

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