PML-N; country’s most popular party: Survey

Lahore: The Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) is currently the most popular party in the country, a survey has shown.

The survey carried out by the International Republican Institute (IRI) posed the question that if the elections for the National Assembly were to be held next week, who were the respondents most likely to vote for. The results revealed a 3.7 per cent increment in PML-N’s popularity and a shocking 22.6% decline in PTI’s vote bank.

Conducted between July and August 2012 from a pool of 6,001 respondents, the survey compared results from an earlier survey carried out in February 2012.

According to the IRI survey, 28 per cent of the respondents agreed to vote for PML-N, closely followed by PTI at 24 per cent. The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) took the third spot with 14 per cent votes whereas Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) polled 3 per cent.


When asked about electing representatives in the provincial assemblies and the National Assembly, 43 per cent respondents from Punjab agreed to vote for PML-N. In spite of facing severe criticism with respect to its governance from rival parties such as PPP and PTI, the political party maintained its top position.

Furthermore, according to the survey, PTI lost 18.2 per cent of its vote bank, with 27 per cent of the respondents agreeing to vote for the party in July-August compared to an earlier 33 per cent.

A 22.2 per cent slash in PPP’s popularity was witnessed in the province, and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) was chosen by two per cent of the respondents.


In Sindh, the PPP took the top spot, however, according to the survey, the party has lost its popularity in the province by 7.1 per cent.

The survey demonstrated an upsurge in MQM’s popularity, with a 22.s per cent increase in the party’s vote bank.

PTI took second place but witnessed a sharp decline of 13.3 per cent in its vote bank. No change was seen in PML-N and PML-Q’s popularity in Sindh.

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P)

A downward trend in political parties’ popularity was witnessed in K-P. Even though PTI remained the most preferred party with 30 per cent of the respondents agreeing to vote for it, it lost its vote bank by 38.8 per cent.

Similarly, according to the survey, the Awami National Party (ANP) lost 92.3 per cent of its vote bank with only one per cent of the respondents agreeing to vote for them in the current survey as compared to 13 per cent in Febuary 2012.

The PPP’s popularity also showed a sharp decline by 75 per cent as only two per cent of the respondents agreed to vote for the party.

There was no change in respondents’ preference for PML-N and nine per cent of the respondents agreed to vote for the party.


There was a downward trend witnessed in Balochistan as well. PTI took the top slot with 26 per cent of the respondents agreeing to vote for it. However, the party lost 38.8 per cent of its vote bank with an earlier figure of 35 per cent of the respondents favouring the party.

The PML-N was preferred by only eight per cent of the respondents.

Other concerns

According to the survey 91 per cent of the people believed that Pakistan was heading in the wrong direction. Respondents termed electricity and inflation to be the two most important issues being faced by Pakistan.

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12 comments on “PML-N; country’s most popular party: Survey
  1. Tribal Insafian says:

    Though the survey’s findings may be contested; it is surely time for us, PTI, to pull up our socks (before sand is pulled from beneath our feet).
    With our current weak media strategy and the ever rising propaganda coupled with our own “All is Fine” attitude, PTI should be prepared for another “1997” in 2013.
    PTI is Pakistan’s last chance and if we fail due to our laxity, we Insafians will be responsible for Pakistan’s destruction over the next 5-years of a PPP / PMLN Damn-o-critic government. PERIOD

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  2. Iftikhar khan says:

    Kash PTI k pas bhy itny finincial resources hoty kh wo media ku khareed laty.
    Pakistan may ab Zameer bhy bkhna laga.

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  3. Ayesha says:

    So wat has PTI done that made ppl start to loose their confidence in PTI? Maybe its time PTI leaders as well as supporters sat down nd think abt it. Ppl judge PTI on the basis of its decisions it take as a major opposition party.
    Sadly in the past everytime I tried to question PTI or advise them I was told to trust IK “blindly” or go vote for sumone else. Guess ppl r taking ur advice seriously now. They r not going to vote for PTI nymore. :(

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  4. haroon says:

    Being a PTI responsible, IRI Survey is accepted with open mind as we had accepted last time. But wait:

    There are too many questions for us(PTI) and for IRI and people. Starting from us, we did fatal mistakes in last few weeks, though we presented national policies but we were unable to devise an internal policy for new entrants, party’ finances, eradicating groupings, neglecting constituency politics, after dissolving party organization unity of command is highly disturbed etc.

    Now from masses, do they still like media hype through mega colored half pages on leading national newspapers and long advertisements by Punjab govt. in news channels. Can govt.’s paid journalists still change your minds with their ‘writing talent’. I was still unable to find a single project that has completed for Punjab people, for their future needs, for their humongous unemployment. How can one defend the mega expenditure of billion rupees in advertisement only. Just a piece of ‘policy bankruptcy ‘ by Govt of Punjab that for more than 20 very big hospitals are budgeted for just 17-18 billion rupees and for only one bus road in Lahore they are spending 40-50 billion.

    And now from IRI, I couldn’t understand the criteria of questions formatting that within 3-4 months apart from disclosing a series of public policies, having around 10 million membership, chanting big jalsas, bold steps to Balochistan/Wazirastan, still people like corrupt, policy-less ‘Shahkharch’ govt???

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    • Ayesha says:

      Nd despite all the advertisement PML-N only got a slight rise of 3.7% as compared to the 22% decline in PTI’s popularity. So I guess its not the advertisements, its the decisions taken by the party, its the image of PTI as being formed in ppl. Ur only hope was to be the change not just be the ones who raise the slogan of change.
      Nd PTI is loosing that distinction fast. Luk at ur decisions,
      1)right after last IRI survey loadshedding increased to 16 hrs a day in major cities even in smaller cities nd villages it was 18-20 hrs. When ppl were protesting on street or seething with frustration, PTI chose not to stand with us despite repeated requests. Excuse was party elections. So where r the party elections now? U were supposed to be done with them by now nd moving towards general election campaign.

      2)Than came judiciary, PTI showed a little support with one country-wide protest which was a gud decision but than again PTI disappeared frm that front.

      3)Than came the re-opening of NATO supply, sumthg IK had claimed he wud never allow. How many major protests were launched against the supply? Not even a single country-wide protest. When questioned we were told that after 2-3 months of re-opening of supply IK will go to Waziristan to protest against drones. Wat that had to do with NATO supply, I still do not knw. But God forbid I shud question the logic of PTI supporters unless I want to face sum really foul language. The date has now bin moved to oct, nd I don’t see ny preparation on ny level in party for such a huge march!

      4)Than came the Sheikh Rasheed issue. Quite a number of ppl were un-happy abt that. Nd I thnk that is the issue that has caused such a sharp decline more than nythng else as the survey was done around the time of the SR Rawalpindi jalsa.

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  5. Chan Makhna says:

    jb kisi think tank ki survey reports ati hn k PTI pehlay no pe ja rahi hai tu ap khushi k shadiyanay bajatay ho, r ab unhi think tanks ne awam k rai li r ap ka graph down show kia tu ap log apay say baher kiwon ho rahe hain?????

    defaet face krna b 1 bahdri hai,,,PTI walo bahdur bano,

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  6. Ayesha says:

    Wat surprises me though is the downward trend in PTI support in Balochistan. If nyone remembers PTI did its Quetta Jalsa after the last IRI survey. Nd it was a successful enough jalsa. It was a shinning moment for PTI in last 6 months
    So I guess PTI shud do sum thnking nd do it fast. Or the clean-sweep dream may never come true.

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    • ut says:

      maybe IK has been assured from western lobbies n agencies about his success … he started as another quaid e azam but it seems that he will turn out to be another Z.A.Bhutto!

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  7. affan dawood says:

    PTI has lost 7% on National level and the most popular in KPK and Baluchistan and 2nd most in Sindh and Punjab . .

    PML-N is the most popular in Punjab as expected but they are in Single Figures in other provinces . .

    The loss of PTI is not the gain of any party which shows that the voter of PTI will not vote to any party if he doesnt vote to PTI i-e 7% decrease in popularity with 1% increase in PML-N on national level . . .

    PTI must keep busy in activity in which they must continue doing Jalsas and other so that they keep themselves in Media. .

    PML-N also needs to work hard because they are not even in double figures other than Punjab but one thing is sure that next elections will be b/w PTI and PML-N

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  8. shahzad chattha says:

    (SAACH) apne naam ki laaj rakh lo yaar,because like everyone you also have to die.
    if you ask this was joke even for our country jokes time is over.

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  9. Mehreen says:

    IRI survey is bogus and a piece of non sense.. The first question to ask is whether these findings are representative or not. The (PML-N) used to be a national party but because of certain events in the last decade — General Pervez Musharraf’s coup, the exile of the Sharif brothers, party defections, etc — the PML-N has lost some of its strength and been restricted to northern and central Punjab. Its support now is largely confined to what was its traditional constituency; primarily the commercial class, i.e. industrialists, traders and small businessmen. If the results are accurate, is it because PML-N’s popularity has expanded beyond its traditional constituency or is it a reflection of its traditional constituency reasserting its support for the party?

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  10. Jabbar says:

    No doubt, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz was a major political party but that was the story of past. PML-N leaders themselves reflect by their actions that it is a regional party rather than a national party. During the last general elections, it only won seats in one province, i.e. Punjab. Even many of PML-N candidates also faced shameful defeat in many constituencies of Punjab. In Sindh, PML-N even fails to clinch a single seat and now the Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s recent statement demanding Karachi as a separate province decreased the popularity of PML-N. The same is the case with KPK and Balochistan. The only party that represents the people of four Provinces is PPP. PML-N must confess that it is a regional party and limited to central Punjab only.

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