Adakara Meera,Bees Umray Aur Qoum Kay Mughalatay

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Fayyaz Zafar

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8 comments on “Adakara Meera,Bees Umray Aur Qoum Kay Mughalatay
  1. Salman says:

    who you are to judge other like this… did u ever reflect upon your own weaknesses? you go to your office .. instead of working there you waste your time on reading news about mera and reema that you yourself have accepted .. it this Halal for you.. our problem in Pakistan is every one of us has become a champion of morality and contractor of religion …. i m sick of this

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    • ALI says:

      Hello Mr journalist Fayyaz!! you have no right to talk about her personal life what she doing, let her. She is not damaging public interest. She is not not public office, ok! Would you like if I write what your family is doing, offcourse I should not because it your private business unless you misuse public funds. She is much better than many other Pakistanis at least she ENtertain us.

      It’s really fun to be in a film that’s pure entertainment, that people want to go and see. I think, in the current climate, the state of things, people want escapism. so she is much to us.

      I wonder who recruit you as reporter. I would like you request you please spend some time on education, I recommand you try read J J, Rousseau book “Émile”.

      please spend some time on learning the wisdom. By just watching Tv shows you can get information but not Knowledge.

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      • ALI says:

        Sorry man I could not understood your column in start. But I get now. I am extremly sorry. Actually i am very up set by extremism in Pakistan. My real uncle was killed in that extremism religion. I thought you wrote against Merra!! indeed you wrote against extremism

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  2. ketlord says:

    I think its better not to criticize like this… anyway

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  3. Waseem Ahmed Hashmi says:

    I think the writer tried to explain the double standards and the level of munafiqat in our society,,,,its not meera,,,,we hv many other people behaving like this,,,e.g. Pervaiz Musharaf,,,Yousaf Raza Gilani,,Zardari,,,Maolana Fzal ur Rehman,,,,Nawaz Sharif,,,all these people are haji,,,but what is their character,,,,,just similar to meera,,,,
    Means,,,,aik chori te naal seena zori,,,

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  4. Radio Joky says:

    agr ney hamara time younhi barbad karna hay is tarha k fuzool column laga kar tu aik bar publicly announce karde k hamare pass ye hi behoda qism ka stuff hay taqe hum kuch aur parh sakien aur yaha na aayien . had hoti hay kisi cheez ki is kadar ghatia aur gher mayari stuff published kar k aakhir aap log kya pegham dena chah rahae hain

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  5. ٰعمران says:

    کیا بکواس کالم لکھا ہے۔ بلکہ کالم کہاں بس بکواس ہی بکواس ہے۔

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  6. Nazia says:

    Meera is raised in such atmosphere where she has to do nothing else other than what she learn from there.Moral values, religious ethic, Islamic society norms are not part of his life since her birth so taunting her by literate class in humiliating way is not an interesting feature.Instead of this if hypocrites who have high social status but highly involved in immoral activities and lying attitude can be discussed like that but Meera like ladies who come from typical professional background as per demand of elites of society should not be humiliated in such a way .

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