Pakistan Ka Taleemi Nizam….

M Aadil Awan
Muhammad Adil Awan

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5 comments on “Pakistan Ka Taleemi Nizam….
  1. Simple says:


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  2. Mohammad Umer says:

    Extremely biased article by a typical Jamaati. First of all history taught in Pakistan is a false lie. Plus the history of Pakistan didn’t begin after Mommad bin Qasim, but teaching whole history angers Islamist. Secondly a lot of religious schools don’t just promote hatred against other sects, but also other religions. Finally it is not a job of a teacher to tell students what to think, but rather they should learn how to think critically, rationally, and use logic.

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  3. Ishaque says:

    Typical Liberal, so when did the history starts? when Raja Dahir married to his sister?

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    • Mohammad Umer says:

      It begins with the Indus civilization but I would like to know what was in this region even before. Third Pakistan’s history begins with muslim league not Bin Qasim.

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  4. CMRP says:

    Please make some corrections.

    Those debates were held in City Schools. No office bearer of PTI has anything to do with City Schools. Mr. and Mrs. Khurshid Kasuri own only Beacon House. Ms. Fauzia Kasuri has no ownership in either City or Beacon house schools. He husband is only an employee of Beacon house.

    City School is owned by sister of wife of Mr. Khurshid Kasuri. She has nothing to do with PTI and her relations with her sister (wife of Mr. Khurshid Kasuri) are also not very cordial.

    I don’t understand why people are trying to mislead others based on incomplete information? And why the education ministry is not taking any action against such schools? Why can it not cancel the license of such schools? And why nobody is putting any responsibility on education ministry for this?

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