Muslim Massacre in Myanmar

Dr Asjad Bokhari

Dr.Asjad Bokhari

The beautiful mountains of Arakan divide the state from central Burma and the beautiful plains of the state house a population of 800,000 |Rohingya Muslims who claim to be living on these shores for hundreds of years. A claim resolutely denied by the Military rulers of Burma and the Buddhist community as they believe that Rohingya population are descendants of Chittagong Bengalis and only moved to Burma in 1863. Even if the twisted version of the dictator party is accepted as correct still it has been a good 150 years since these people started living their lives in Burma. They are not considered citizens though and are not issued with passports or rights of citizenship by a government which derives its power from the Buddhist religious base. Over the last 70 years these Muslims have been given the rough end of the deal by British, Japanese and the Burmese governments resulting in a mass exodus to Bangladesh and Thailand. Situation changed dramatically when Bangladesh decided to seal her borders to these refugees as they are struggling with the sheer numbers and the thigh border guards let the ship of these refugees sink and the men and women aboard drown.

A month ago three Muslim boys were accused of raping and killing a Buddhist girl and were arrested. One of them was reported to have killed himself while other two were sentenced to death after a trial of 4 days. The Muslim version of story varies from the state version as Muslim community argues that one of the boys fell in love with the Burmese girl and managed to flee with her, later to be captured and tortured to death in custody and the other two boys were innocent. Whichever version was correct didn’t matter as the local Buddhist community attacked a bus killing 10 Muslims. Military moved in after 30 Muslims deaths and within 2 days the death toll for Rohingya Muslims raised to 680 as the military and security forces of Burma led the Muslim hunting process which is continuing with no end in sight. UN or aid agencies are not allowed in |Rakhine and media organisations are banned as well. Any food or life saving supplies can not be given directly and have to go through the government aid agency. This leaves Muslims of Arakan helpless, hopeless and in a miserable plight awaiting torture, death and destruction on daily basis.

In this heart wrenching state of affairs UAE government continues to spend billions on a football club, Saudis are celebrating the crowning of new prince, Turkey is rejoicing on its economic success, Pakistan is dealing with its political crisis, Bangladesh has ceased to invite any more refugees and Iran is fighting against UN  sanctions. Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, and other rich Arab countries are falling over each other to get in to good books of US. When the governments fail to take up a serious issue the media of those countries screams about the injustice and cruelty to make the governments act, but in this case all the major Muslim media organisations have better news and affairs to discuss and deal with.

The silence of the graveyard, where lies the corpse of Muslim ummah and their unity and brotherhood. As for Burmese Rohingya Muslims the writing is on the wall, no oil, no money, no state of their own and no monitory benefits to attract the Muslim governments and their media, so all they can do is to await the slaughter that shall come sooner or later. One resolution in UN unanimously drafted by Islamic world could do the trick by putting diplomatic pressure on militant rulers of Burma but frankly who cares and who has got the time to avert the spice of life and think about poor Muslims of Burma.

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19 comments on “Muslim Massacre in Myanmar
  1. aisha ghazi says:

    UN unanimously drafted by Islamic world ?? :) :) there is no islamic world … yes we can say there is a shia , sunni and wahabi world though …

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    • Sajjad says:

      i agree..we should respect ourselves first n then ask UN to do so!

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  2. Amjad Khattak says:

    Shame on All countries who claim to be the Pillers of islam..
    No voice?
    No one would say anything.. until until Death reach their own houses n cities.

    “Yehe hai hamara Almiya.. Muslim ummah”.

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  3. Arakan’s situation is really serious and our main stream media is also silent on it. Nice to see at least something to aware people about it.

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  4. arshad says:

    To think that muslims if today are a ummah (one nation) is akin to living in fools paradise. Remember bosnia, somalia, sudan and in recent times syria. Jazakallah for atleast mentioning the situation which has been criminally neglected by our media as well as others!!

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  5. Rubab says:

    its very sad :(

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  6. Shumyla says:

    O Almighty ALLAH…….plz help our Muslims sisters and Brothers…….Ameen

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  7. shahid says:

    ya…ALLAH plz help us……..

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  8. rf gunanegara says:

    Media in indonesia is silent too … Considering burma is our neighbour …

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  9. Hammad says:

    The writer is dishonest when he says that “Pakistan is suffering with its political crisis” where he should have mentioned the Islamist terrorism and everyday killings at the hands of Islamist Taliban.

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  10. Adnan Khan says:

    Where is Asma Jahangir ?, Kamran Shafi ?, Dr. Farzana Bari ?, Hina Gillani ?, and all those fake-liberals who don’t waste a second condemning Muslim-on-Muslim crime ?. Does Buddhist-on-Muslim crime not end in Muslims dead bodies ?.

    Arab media, one can argue, is controlled by their rulers. They have lost their voices eons ago. But our mouN-phat media, who goes to all extents of despicable, outrageous lengths in the search for truth (ratings)… and we haven’t heard a peep anywhere about these helpless Muslims being struck down, like gajar mooli.

    Shame on all mainstream and religious media outlets. Beyhiss and beyghairat.

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  11. Nuradden says:

    Allahumm a izzal muslimin wal muslimat.
    Allah promised to protect his religion so there is no Amount of brutality and massacre that will end islam.
    they can only west their time in doing so.

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  12. Dilshad Murad says:

    May God , Blacken The Face Of These Hypocrite Saudi Arabs .. Every Muslims Now Have Become Sure That Theses Arab Saudi Pigs Are Nothing But Animals , No Mercy In Their Heart , With No Difference With These Buddhist Terrorists !! They Can Do Anything To Stop !! They Have Money , They Have Weapons !! But No Reaction??? May God Blacken Their Face !!

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  13. Behzad says:

    WE MUST Stop Stop This Brutal MASACRE of OUR Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

    The Double Standars of US and West is Clearly Seen on this Case.

    Down With the America, Shame on them, Shame on their Hypocracy.
    What rediculus Words they always talj about!:
    Human Rights!

    An Iranian Muslim

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  14. Arif Khan says:

    We cannot blame any one, either US or UN because we are zero. Sorry to say but it is fact 0 + 0 + 0 ……….. + 0 = 0

    This is the true value of Muslim Countires or Muslim World because we have set the preference of getting praised by US over our incarceration on judgement day by ALLAH (SWT) .

    Our silence will steer us towards the same slaughering sooner or later then we will wake up from the reverie.

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  15. zulfiqar ali says:

    I curse by million times on the muslim ummah , muslim countries , they have become silent spectator, pakistani govt must put tremendous pressure on the burman govt and finish diplomatic relations, closed her embassy in pakistan

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  16. Mir Liyaqat Ali says:

    Its good that each of us sending messages and alerting each others, it is difficult to awake the responsible personalities through all over the Globe. The Question arises, ” BILLY KE GALE MEIN GHANTY BANDHE GA KAUN ” Who will hang the bell in cats neck.
    Let every one send the Emails to the Head of STATE,, UN chief , Human Rights, Electronic Media Etc so that atleast, it will pinch them and remind their duties & responsibilities.towards the victims all over the world.
    The world is watching the Tom & Jerry Game going on between Palestine & Israel, India & Pakistan on Kashmir Issue for several years.
    Either of the Peace champion will misuse of Veto power and not let the problem wind up for ever.
    The fear of spreading Islam and the conversion of several people from various religion towards Islam has compelled for conspiracy against Muslims
    YOU CANNOT KILL THE STRAY DOG but You are free to kill thousand of Muslims at a time..
    Please awake and follow the path of “SIRAT AL MUSTAQEEM”.

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  17. abbasi says:

    this is a brutal act by burma govt. Pakistan & other islamic countries should expel burma officals imediately as a protest

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  18. Dear readers,

    The only solution is to provide weapons to protect themselves as Malaysians first did during Bosnian war.Later Mujaheddin from all over the world joined and 7 out 10 Serbs eliminated .

    Mr.Ban Ki.Moon is just a show piece on UN chair.The Nobel prize winner Ang Sang suchi is busy touring world after years of house arrest. Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama only talks about Chinese aggression to save his own monetary.The Arabs are busy resolving political situation in the Arab world.If allowed Afghan alone is enough to finish this brutality.
    God willing their is no dark in his world.His punishment is sever than the one Rohingyas going through.All the Umma pray for their safety and wellness.

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